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In 2012, independent artist Larry Scullark (aka Bravo) was selling music, increasing his Twitter followers, and starting up a website for his fans. For a few years, he had mixed results with sales and touring. Larry was frustrated that his talent wasn't reaching as far as he wanted. He couldn't afford large agency marketing plans and wanted to avoid the promotion scams advertised on Google.

In 2015, Larry’s frustration had peaked. He knew indie artists out there had the same problem and came up with a technology driven plan to solve it. He tapped computer genius Matt Lo to help him build an automatic promotion, distribution, and website platform.

Today, they are on a mission to replace money grabbing agents, greedy labels, and useless managers with efficient and affordable tools. Their solution is

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We will not stop until every musician in the world has a fair shot at fulfilling their dreams. Our prices will always be fair and we will focus with artists who are under represented.

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