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Wave Tour: The Art of Networking

Wave Tour: The Art of Networking

If you’re still living in 2018, Wave Bot is here to bring you to the future with us. The Wave Tour blog series will highlight ways to get ahead of the game and get you booked for more shows. As an artist myself, my favorite part of my career is being on stage. In this article, I’ll talk about the art of networking and benefits to doing it the right way.

Failed Relationships

As I write these blogs, it’s great to reflect on not only the good but the bad as well. So we all must understand where there’s success there’s failure as well. Artists have this delusional idea that sending their song to other artists will get them a listen. That will hardly ever work. Most artists who are starting to build a name for themselves are likely to busy with their career to be looking to listen to other artists. Continuously sending your music unsolicited could close off a future opportunity, because the said artist may view you as pushy or annoying.

I’ve always felt another unnecessary time to try to connect an artist is after their performance. Coming up to the headliner and telling them about your music after they step off stage is just bad timing. Those are just a couple ways people fail to build a relationship before it can even start. Let’s talk about some dos and don’ts when building a relationship.

Building Relationships

To build a good relationship with someone in the music industry, it should be genuine. People see someone doing well and decide they need to work with him or her. That’s not always the case. You should be more of a supporter of what they’re doing instead of only chasing their success and bandwagoning. Musicians love to start conversations about self and how good their music is. Everyone thinks they are great. Start conversations by complimenting the person you want to connect.

Here’s an example, ” I heard your song “Blah Blah.” My favorite line is (insert line). What made you come up with that?” It gives control of the conversation to the other person. Who knows, they may start asking you if you make music. Then it is your time to shine. If not, no big deal. The goal of this is to build a personal relationship. Once again, it should be someone you genuinely want to know. If the time is right, you will have your chance to work with them.

WIN – WIN Relationships

I’m going to contradict myself a little in this paragraph.  I believe it’s best to build relationships with people you genuinely want to. The music industry is a business. If you’re looking to only work with someone as a business benefit, you must have something to offer as well. I love the idea of swapping goods and services. Here’s an example, if I’m a producer and I know an artist or engineer with a studio, I may offer instrumentals in exchange for studio time. Trading services is a win-win situation if both sides have high-quality services. If you know the industry well, then you know it’s not cheap. Finding relationships like this can save a lot of money.

After reading this article, you can utilize what you’ve learned to build new connections. With those new connections, you can likely build from each other’s network. Are you’re looking to get into a venue or perform with artists? The new relationships can help. Make sure you understand your fan base, so you choose venues, artists, and cities wisely. Wave Bot is here to help. Click HERE to begin your take off to the future with $20 off Wave Bot or use code CHIPRM20 during sign up!

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