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Byro talks family, hard times, and his new release “BANG”

Byro talks family, hard times, and his new release “BANG”

Recording artist and engineer Byro is an up and coming independent musician out of Chicago, Illinois. He brings a new and diverse sound to the city, especially in the underground circuit. This one man band does everything from writing his own original work to recording and mixing his own songs. He even handles the business side including running his own promotion.

Innovadiv sat down with Byro to discuss his music roots, family, career progression, and his new mixtape “Bang”! It was clear to see how his work ethic is second to none.

When and why did you start making music?

I started making music, well-writing poetry at nine and started recording and making music at 12 when I got my first computer. Why? I was attending a youth group where the guys in the group all did music and it inspired me when I was young. I started writing poems and songs when I was young. Tupac influenced me to write about the type of environment I saw around me.

Do you play any instruments?

I play the piano and I’m learning more scales. It’s the only thing I can put my hands on and really go at it. I taught myself. I learned how to do everything on my own.

Is your family musical?

My mom sings in the choir and I also sang in the choir when I was younger. My pops, he sang a long time ago in the glee club. My uncle made beats and was a DJ.

Which famous musicians do you admire?

Lil Wayne because of his work ethic and drive. He stands out, I watched documentaries where he records and how many songs a day he makes and how long he stays up to perfect it. I have to do more than the best do and do me but keep a conscious that it’s still a competition.

Which famous musicians have you opened for?

I opened for Jeremih at DuSable high school. He came to homecoming and we opened up for him.

Have you had any struggles in your music career?

Byro“Yes, from people trying to get over on me money wise. I wasn’t focused on the business side. People tried to own my publishing, they thought I was ignorant. There are a lot of shady people I deal with when I’m getting my music out. Im more than willing to help but I don’t like the sneakiness of it. My kindness has been taken for weakness in the music industry”

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What advice would you give to beginners?

Always try to be better than your last song or your last project. It’s being in a competition with yourself and being the best that you can be. Know your negatives and positives and know yourself. That’s when you get songs from the heart that are true.

What makes a good session?

When somebody has the idea for the song already down, and they are prepared with their music. When they know how they want to sound and they come prepared. By the time you come here you’ve done your rough draft and proofreading so it can go smooth and you can work on your energy and performance behind the mic. And don’t forget the money dammit!

What was the influence for Bang, is there a certain theme?

The theme is pure energy and it’s the first level of energy that’s set inside the music. In the past, I did love songs but this one is showing I’m an energetic person and I’m passionate about what I do. You’re going to be able to feel it! If you drive down the street and people don’t ask what your bumping I haven’t done my job.

How did you come up with the Bang artwork?

Because there are levels to how you work. I put it in comparison to Dragon Ball Z. The studio is like the hyperbolic time chamber. You go in and train and learn.

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